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Same Price On Velour and Carpet Dash Mats!
Velourmat Dashmat Ultimat Signature Series Dashboard Covers - Genuine Dashmats, Velourmats, and Ultimats

Wolf Car Covers - Evolution, Block-It, and Noah Car Cover fabrics $39.95-$218.95

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Car Covers - Wolf Carcovers in Noah, Evoluion, Block-It and Dustop FabricsCar Covers are an ideal way to protect a vehicle that is exposed to harsh weather, trees, sap, dust, and other hazards to the finish of your Car, Truck, or SUV.

Wolf Car Covers come in a variety of styles to  provide maximum protection against rain, UV rays, and even the dust that accumulates during vehicle storage. Wolf carries an affordable line of off the shelf universal car covers as well as custom made car covers that are made to order just for your car and ship within a few days of ordering. They come in a variety of outdoor fabric styles from Heavy Duty Noah and Evolution styles, to durable Block-It Fabrics. The indoor Dustop fabric is a favorite of car collectors and anyone with a garage workshop who does not want to get dust on their prized vehicle.

Wolf car covers also protect the interior of your car by keeping harmful ultraviolet rays and heat from contacting your dashboard, upholstery, and seats. People in warm weather climates prefer wolf covers because they know that hot seats and steering wheels won't be awaiting them when they use their car after it has spent a busy day in the sun. Car covers also serve as a theft deterrent, and all Wolf Car covers come with grommet holes for cable locks as well as an elastic band around the bottom to prevent the effects of wind and rain. All outdoor covers are also breathable, so it is not necessary to dry out a cover after a hard rain.

Find out for yourself why millions of satisfied customers have looked for Wolf Car Covers for the past few decades, and browse our site to find the latest in Wolf Automotive, Motorcycle and ATV products.

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All Wolf Car Covers Come with an Elastic hem. sells premium vehicle protection products!

Wolf Car Covers are great gifts for automotive enthusiasts and regular car owners. The covers come in indoor and outdoor varieties, and protect vintage 1920s antique autos as well as the jalopy in the front yard that hasn't moved an inch since it was bought.

So what's a Wolf Cover made of? The same breathable fabrics used to make 90% of the covers in the industry today. Kimberly Clark is the recognized leader in Car Cover fabrics, so if you're buying a similar cover by Covercraft of California Car Covers, then you are getting the same fabric. Wolf competes by using computer technology and an extensive database of covers going back to 1925, so any car cover that is not in stock can be made from scratch in a few day's time, from fabrics ranging from all weather Noah and Evolution fabrics, to affordable Block-it designs.


Car Cover Accessories Car Cover Accessories
Cable locks and storage bags for your Wolf Car Cover.

is committed to offering competitive prices on Dashmat, LeBra, and Wolf Car Cover Products.

We sell factory direct custom car floor mats,
car front end covers, motorcycle covers and specialty merchandize including NCAA logo Floor Mats and Spare Tire Covers.

Browse our site for great vehicle protection products for yourself or gifts for your friends and family. 

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