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Harbor Shell, Mariner & Riptide Boat Covers

Boat Covers - Wol Marine Semi Custom Mariner Harbor Shell Boat CoverWolf Marine Boat Covers come in varieties for storage, towing, and moorage. All of them are made with water repellent, breathable fabrics, reinforced elastic cords, and come with free storage bags.

A good boat cover is essential for prolonging the life of your boat and its contents. Although all boats are designed with materials to protect the boat and its interior from saltwater and rain, common outdoor elements, including ozone, can cause irreparable damage to the components of your boat, including electronics, wiring, and upholstery. Wolf Boat Covers reduce the possibility of damage by adding a barrier of protection around the boat during transport and storage. Even the best storage warehouses still are not immune from insects, mice, and birds, but a boat cover will prevent these creatures from getting into your boat or soiling its contents. Many boat owners have taken their unprotected boats out of storage after only a single season to find that their boat has been infested or damaged by animals. Wolf boat covers prevent this problem, and keep your boat's contents safe and secure with long lasting fabrics, elastic rot proof cords, and water repellent breathable fabrics. Use our easy automated system to find the best boat cover for you, and you can get an affordable, durable cover that provides you with both security and peace of mind.

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