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Rail Tonneau Systems by LeBra     Installs in less than 30 minutes!
Top Mount System Ultra-Lift System
Top Mount Rail Tonneau System
Easy Operation, Smart
& Quick Assembly
Ultra-Lift Rail Tonneau System
Fast Access, Durable
  • Mounts on top of truck bed
  • Water resistant integrated straps hold cover out of the way when not in use
  • Anodized aluminum frame will not rust
  • Uses FlipLock® attachment system
  • Mounts on top of truck bed
  • Frame lifted by gas struts
  • Easy opening and closing of tonnneau cover lock down latch system
  • Anodized aluminum frame will not rust
  • Uses FlipLock® attachment system
Low Profile System Snap Top System
Low Profile Rail Tonneau System
Sleek Styling, Works
With Accessories

Snap Top Mount Rail Tonneau System

Your Truck Should
Look This Good
  • Rail mount within truck bed
  • Allows for top mounted accessories
  • Ultimate smooth look for entire bed
  • Strong aluminum frame
  • Uses FlipLock® attachment system
  • Mounts on top of truck bed
  • Anodized aluminum frame will not rust
  • Integrated straps hold cover out of way while not in use
  • Easy tailgate access without removing cover

Each LeBra Tonneau FeaturesFlipLock Attachment System
the FlipLock Attachment System:

The revolutionary FlipLock system attaches the tonneau cover securely and quickly to the truck bed. Simply slip the tonneau cover's sewn-in co-polymer strip into the channel of the aluminum frame.

The "Quick Release Tab" will enable you to open and close the tonneau cover in all weather conditions

Why buy a Rail Tonneau System?
  • Protects cargo/truck bed from rain, sleet, and snow
  • Increases cargo security
  • Adds a sleek, aerodynamic appearance
  • Easy tailgate access without removing cover
  • Improves gas mileage by reducing wind resistance
  • Decreases wind noise
FlipLock Attachment System

We have a Rail Tonneau for Your Pickup
  • Customized for all popular domestic and import pickup trucks
  • User friendly illustrated instructions make installation easy
  • Padded frame for no metal to metal contact
  • No drilling required for installation
  • Durable leather grain vinyl cover contours to the shape of the truck bed
  • Strong, flexible bows enhance water runoff
  • Does not void vehicle warranty
  • Limited lifetime warranty on the rails, bows, and clamps
  • One year warranty on the tonneau cover

Fuel Saving LeBra Tonneau Cover styles include Top Mount, Ultra Lift, Snap Top, and Low Profile Tonneau covers. Our customers use these covers to secure cargo and protect it from rain, snow, ice, and prying eyes. Truck bed covers are also a great way to save gas money, because an unprotected truck bed acts like a giant air scoop, putting a drag on your truck when it reaches highway speeds. Truck Tonneau covers reduce drag, and the noise that comes with it, making your ride quieter and with better fuel economy. Lebra Tonneaus are the preferred choice of motorists and work truck owners because these truck covers are easy to put on and take off, and most do not require any drilling for installation. These covers are available for most domestic and import trucks including Chevy Silverado, Ford F-150, Dodge Ram, Nissan and Toyota Pickups. Keep your cargo dry, secure, and in your truck bed where it belongs with LeBra Pickup Truck Tonneau Covers.

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