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Same Price On Velour and Carpet Dash Mats!
Velourmat Dashmat Ultimat Signature Series Dashboard Covers - Genuine Dashmats, Velourmats, and Ultimats

CarCoverguys specializes in Car Covers and Automotive coverings including Dashmat dashboard protectors, LeBra car bras, and Wolf Car Covers. We have patterns for every vehicle on the road today and we are constantly adding designs for new vehicle models. We also carry boat covers, spare tire covers, and custom carpeted floor mats, as well as specialty items like Spidy Gear bed webs and Gatornet Truck Tailgate nets.

For pickup trucks, we carry truck tonneau covers, cab organizers, and plastic fender flares. We also have a complete line of truck covers  included in our car cover selection.

Whether you drive a car, truck, or SUV, CarCoverGuys.com sells covers and soft goods designed to protect your vehicle.

Wolf car covers, Dashmats, and Lebra  Products

Featured Products:

Wolf Car Covers

Custom and Universal Car Covers by Wolf Automotive.

LeBra Front End Bras

One of the most popular car front end cover designs on the road today. Affordable paint protection.

Dashmat Dash Covers

Including the durable Dashmat, stylish Velourmat, sporty Suede Signature Series, and the premium form-fitted Ultimat. Protect your dash from sun, UV rays, and heat.

Car Floor Mats

Punch Carpet Floor mats designed in styles to fit your car and with available logos and monogramming.

Tonneau Covers

Vinyl Tonneau Covers including snap-on and lifting tonneau covers. LeBra and Downey Tonneau Covers. Lighted Glow Tonneaus available.

Spidy Gear

Secure your gear with Spidy Gear Truck Bed Webs. Also a popular halloween item and storage net with hundreds of uses.

Boat Covers

Custom and universal fit boat protection. Wolf Marine Covers are made to last in the extreme environments found near oceans, rivers, and lakes.

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Read the new article "Rats Ate My Car Cover" by Adam Clarke

What's new for 2009? Only some of the best soft aftermarket vehicle parts on the planet! Wolf Automotive is always adding new patterns for cars and trucks including the latest hybrids from Toyota, Honda, Ford, and GM. Coverings for Nissan, Dodge, Jeep, and Pontiac vehicles from yesterday and tomorrow are continuously being measured, updated, and added for special features like spoilers, ground effects, fender flares, and roof racks, so popular older vehicle brands which typically get aftermarket add-ons like ski racks will have a cover for when they are not out on the mountain, or perhaps for when they are!

Headed off to college? Why not buy spare tire covers with your Alumni Logos on them?

We offer serious protection for all weather and driving conditions. Whether you're in a sunny climate or on the frozen tundra, CarCoverGuys.com has the accessories you need to protect and preserve your vehicle's finish, dashboard, interior, or front end.

CarCoverGuys.com offers a wide selection of automotive soft goods including tonneau covers, motorcycle covers, dashboard covers, and truck bed webs by Spidy Gear. We specialize in Car Covers and LeBra vehicle bras. All items are shipped straight from the factory to you so there is no delay in getting your items. Some items are custom made, and before you check out of our secure shopping cart, we will let you know about the most current average shipping times, most of which are a few days. We feature wolf car cover products, which are known for their quality and low prices.

Looking to find Dashmat related products? Our site features 4 kinds of dash covers, including classic punch carpet, formed punch carpet, velour, and micro-fiber suede. All of them can have monograms or logos added for customization or gifts. Give that sports fan a dashboard cover with a logo that can't be found in most stores.

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CarCoverGuys.com is committed to offering competitive prices on Dashmat, LeBra, and Wolf Car Cover Products.

Free Shipping applies to Ground Shipping (or USPS) in US only.

July 5, 2009

Our manufacturer, Global Accessories, has been sold to Covercraft, a manufacturer of car covers and seat covers. We hope to be offering products for sale on the site as quickly as possible. We would like to apologize for the inconvenience of our manufacturer's unexpected liquidation and sale.

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Car Cover Cleaning Tips

[Note: Even if you aren't a Vegas resident, these car cover cleaning tips work nationwide and other countries and solar systems where water is abundant. DISCLAIMER: This advice is from experience, and we are not liable for any damage to the cover because of strong detergents, tearing, or other factors.]

Many of our Las Vegas customers want to get dust out of their covers after the monsoon season (officially starting in July) hits their cover with the dust or mud that rains from the sky. Even though the cover protects the vehicle from this skyborne sandpaper, it gets dirty. In other parts of the country, leaves and birds do a number on covers as well. This is the part where people come back and ask how to clean them.

First: KEEP IT OUT OF THE WASHER! There are very few washing machines that can wash a car cover without ripping it to pieces. This is one of those times where you have to go back to the 1900s and use a bucket and water with some mild detergent. With most covers, you're dealing in a big bucket.

Second, a little "pre-wash" can go a long way. If you put the cover on the car and rinse it off with a garden hose, you can spend less time on the repeating process below.

Third, use as little detergent as you can, but about 5 or more gallons of water. A kiddie pool works great for these occasions, and if you don't have kids you can buy one for $8. Kiddie pools are also good for cooling beverages at big parties. Try to use warm water, but cold water works alright as well.

Fourth, rinse and repeat. The inner lining of Wolf Car Covers is always great to prevent scratches, but you don't want sand in the cover, then you need to rinse after washing. A really dirty cover requires a lot more rinsing and repeating. This is where the pre-wash can help, because throwing a dirty cover in a kiddie pool can transfer the outer dirt to the inner lining.

Fifth, air dry. Most of our local suburbs here don't let people have wash lines in their back yards, but you can always improvise. The cover should be dried thoroughly, so if you are in a freezing climate you should not allow the cover to get frozen when wet. Chunks of ice can cause tearing.

For other questions, you can always ask the manufacturer at 1-877-427-8166 (For Wolf Noah Evolution (Technalon) Block-It and other covers). They have tips for different fabric types.

Many of our Las Vegas customers want to get dust out of their covers after the monsoon season (officially starting in July) hits their cover with the dust or mud that rains from the sky. Even though the cover protects the vehicle from this skyborne sandpaper, it gets dirty. In other parts of the country, leaves and birds do a number on covers as well. This is the part where people come back and ask how to clean them.